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The Dark Horizon

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1Solved The Dark Horizon on Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:36 pm


iadverts Moderator
iadverts Moderator
I would like to know what I should improve on my new forum "the dark horizon"

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Dark Horizon

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2Solved Re: The Dark Horizon on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:56 am


iadverts Founder
iadverts Founder
I will leave this to Cafetin.

|Moderation colour|

3Solved Re: The Dark Horizon on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:15 pm


iadverts Admin
iadverts Admin
Okay. It will be ready within the next 48 hours.

So it is in progress.

4Solved Re: The Dark Horizon on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:50 pm


iadverts Admin
iadverts Admin
First of all, sorry for the delay.

"Nothing is personal in a review"

My rating table:
91-100 - Unexpectedly Awesome
76-90 - Awesome
61-75 - Pretty Nice
41-60 - Average
21-40 - Below Average
0-20 - Fail

- Theme: Nice collection. I saw your forum before but the default theme was a different one. The current one is better. Since there are over ten themes, I will tend to the default "Sapphire" for now. So... It is a nice balance between black and blue. Dark. Which is fitting your forums name too. I like the way how the names of the categories are displayed. That is a nice border. Even the nice little glowing stars are looking good in the upper side of the forum, on the left side of the "Dark Horizon" (I hope you get what I mean here). The only thing I don`t like, that I can`t see the detailed board statistics. Who was online in the past 120 minutes? I suggest you change that to 24 hours. (8/10)
- Banner: The idea is nice. But there are some technical issues here. The bottom of the girl (on the right side) is like it was cut out with a single rectangular selection. That is too sharp there. The background is too messy in my opinion, and you could do that with a higher quality. And finally the text... It`s not too visible. Use some contrast or "stroke" and reduce the transparency of it. (6/10)
- Navigation Bar: Not so impressive. At least for me. There is no "Home" button either. Pick a good fonttype and background for it, and make some real stylish buttons. (5/10)
- Icons: Nice glowing, blueish spheres, glowing when there is a new post of course. Nice. The topic icons like "New Topic", "New Post" and "Locked" are pretty impressive ones. But when you enter a forum there are just boring little rectangles... but on second thought, it may be just the default ones and you can select from some icons when you start a topic. In that case, change the default. Still nice though. (7/10)
The sum of all is 26/40. Not bad but it can be better.
Note that I am not only rating the pictures here. If you have your own pictures used in your forum, that is a plus point right in the beginning from me.

Categories & Forums:
First of all: the descriptions are just "lol" at some categories. But don`t you dare to change it. Jokes are needed and it can make your forum look more unique. So... If I got it right, your site is a social network. Well... you got it covered I think. Ask your members about it too though. Maybe they want to see some other categories as well. Maybe a category for "Internet and Technology"? That`s all I can think of now. (16/20).

"Administrators" and "Moderators". I think you know why I put those in quotes. Why don`t you hire some "real" ones too? As your forum is started to grow, you might want to choose someone from the first members on your forum. Someone who you trust. And maybe if you can, find some real fans in different categories like movies or TV shows so they can make topics about those kind of things. That can boost your activity and post count. (13/20)

Lets see... You have 15 members, but I will subtract three from it. So it is 12. But I was surprised when I saw that most of them are active members (about 8-9 of them). That is nice. The forum is about 20 days old/young now, so you get 0,60 new members each day. I have seen worse. Post count is 643 right now. Not bad in 20 days. Although half of it were made by the administrator itself. But it is natural for new forums so don`t worry about it just yet. Just keep your members entertained all the time and the huge difference will be gone. (14/20)

I saw that you give some cool effects to the members usernames for free. Nice gesture and will be useful, I am sure of it. It can be considered as a sign of caring. And that is good so keep it up.
Also I saw a little chat about the transparency effects and I saw that you agree with the opinion that it is better to have it instead of white spaces all over. Especially for a darker theme. So you might want to edit those bigger animated smileys.

And so the average is 69/100 this time. Your forum is Pretty Nice from my perspective in its current state. With a little more members like these ones and it will fly through the Awesome rank.

5Solved Re: The Dark Horizon on Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:46 am


iadverts Founder
iadverts Founder
Once again nice review.

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6Solved Re: The Dark Horizon on Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:33 pm


iadverts Admin
iadverts Admin
micro1000™️ wrote:Once again nice review.
Thanks micro. :happy:

As there is no response from the requester one week after the review, I will close this.

So it is locked.

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